NANJING, CHINA - AUGUST 8:  A man flies a kite...Getty Images via Daylife The Beijing Olympics were of course a great way for our speakers to get some attention from the media for their specific viewpoints on the Olympics. From a short note I just sent to our speakers:

We had a few big hits, as Shaun Rein already before the Olympics started came with solid research suggesting Olympic sponsors were not really getting what they were paying for.
You can see that when we can have such vivid video clips, that works very well.
The machine moved on with Kaiser Kuo, Tom Doctoroff (at least three times), Paul French, Zhang Lijia, Ken Carroll and today James Farrer had a look at the Olympics from their perspective.

At the China Speakers Bureau we have a few tools at our website, like this weblog or the speakers’ corner to capitalize on this kind of publicity our speakers generate. Do let us know if you have additional suggestions.

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