Arthur Kroeber

“We’re going down from stupidly fast last year to really fast this year and just plain ordinary fast next year, which would be in the 8 to 9 percent range,” says Arthur Kroeber of Dragonomics, a Beijing consultancy to Reuters.
In post-Olympic China the expected growth of the economy is high on the agenda as the central government is preparing a stimulus package for the smaller and middle-range enterprises (SME”S) of between 200 and 400 billion Renminbi (20-40 billion euro’s). But the rumors of an slump of the Chinese economy, following a global trend, are largely overdone, says Kroeber about the slowdown he foresees. “It’s a big downshift, and that may create some problems, but they’ll still be growing faster than any other major economy in the world.”

Arthur Kroeber is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau, and one of the leading experts on China’s economy. If you are interested in having him as a speaker, or any of our other authoritative economists, do have a look at our economy page, or ask one of our people for a tailor-made suggestion.

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