Shaun Rein

China’s markets reacted in fear, but have enough reasons to be confident, says Shaun Rein in an interview today with Bloomberg. (Video) The financial meltdown in the US might have an effect on the China market, but Shaun Rein points at the mitigating effect.
“China’s economy is still very strong,” he says, “and the inflation is basically over.” China’s economy is based for about 25 percent on the export, but the shift to the more wealthy Chinese in its domestic markets might prove to protect China against a strong global downturn.
More at Bloomberg. 

Update: Apologies, the links do not seem to work. I will wait till its up at YouTube and then change the links.

Shaun Rein is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. If you are interested in having him or one of our other speakers, do get in touch with one of our global offices.

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