Richard Kuslan

The financial downturn in the US has interesting side-effects. Richard Kuslan, lawyer, blogger and speaker at the China Speakers Bureau has been invited by the insurer-in-problems AIG to explain their position in Asia.
Richard Kuslan reports at the Asiabizblog:

The text clearly shows that AIG is seriously concerned about counter-reaction in Asia to its recent, most fortunate bail-out. I note in passing that Manulife may purchase AIG’s Asian operations. The run on the Bank of East Asia spooked a great many, sending thousands of Hong Kong residents running through the streets to their local BEA branch to pull out cash. [See this image. Imagine, as I have done for you previously, the effect of a run on a mainland Chinese branch. Yes, they have occurred in the past. But a spreading panic is a fearful thing.]

Since Wall Street is going to make USD 800 billion on this whole thing, it might be a good time for bloggers and professional speakers to look for some of the crumbs falling from the table.

If you are interested in having Richard Kuslan not as a blogger but as a speaker to explain China and Asia, do let us know.

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