James Farrer

Only up to a certain degree foreign expats and Chinese are mixing in what has now become one of the largest expat societies in the world, Shanghai, says sociologist James Farrer of the Sophia University in Tokyo.
The Shanghai expats society has been changing greatly over the past fifteen years, he says, comparing the current community with the expats from the 1930s, those in New York, Chicago, Tokyo and elsewhere. While integration has developed, the expat and Chinese elite remain very separated from each others.
“A limited integration and limited learning” he qualifies the relations at the top. “The foreigners who tend to be integrated are the relative poor ones,” James Farrer says.
Listen to more of his analysis at this China Speakers Bureau Postcast.

James Farrer is one of the eminent speakers on Chinese society in the China Speakers Bureau. If you are interested in having him on one of your events, do let us know.

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