William Bao Bean

Stock markets worldwide keep on dropping and the effects of the global crisis are stilling heading for China. William Bao Bean of Softbank’s China&India holdings discusses with China Speakers Bureau’s principal Fons Tuinstra the possible fallout of the global financial shake-up on China. The worst disaster: trade stalls even more than it did over the past few months, more high-end companies might be following the closure of the low-end manufacterers in Guangdong and Zhejiang. Then, the consumer markets might follow.
Banks, real estate and other markets face also problems in China, but they are very different from the credit crisis in the US. And in his market, after the upcoming bloodshed, internet companies might actually profit form the current crisis in two, three years time.

The financial crisis is sending its waves to Asia and China too, but what will be the effects? At the China Speakers Bureau we have a range of leading speakers on China’s economy and its fast moving business climate. In these podcasts they shed their light on the developments as they occur. When you are interested in having one of them as a speaker, panelist or otherwise, do get in touch.

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