David Chang

David Chang, former CEO of Philips China, part of the Dutch manufacturing giant, has joined the China Speakers Bureau. Philips has developed over the past decades into a major player in China’s electronics manufacturing industry.
David Chang took the helm of the company in 2002 and retired earlier this year.

In addition to his previous role as the Chairman for Philips China Management Team, Mr. Chang was also sitting in the board of various JVs in China. He is still very instrumental in nourishing the relationship with Chinese partners and aligning business goals. He is also a board member of EUCCC (European Union Chamber of Commerce in China) Shanghai Chapter,Advisory Board member of CEIBS (China Europe International Business School), Vice Chairman of CAEFI (China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment) and ECFIC (Executive Committee of Foreign Investment Company in China).
Mr. Mr. Chang is the Advisor to Nanjing municipal government and Rotterdam City.

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