Victor Shih

Getting a thorough insight of what is happening in China’s financial systems is becoming crucial as the financial crisis holds the global economy in its grip. Assistant professor Victor Shih of the Northwestern University is one of very few people who get beyond scratching on the surface and explaining the outside world what he sees.
In his articles, weblog and latest book Factions and Finance in China: Elite Conflict and Inflation, Victor Shih descriphers the political and financial relationships that mark one of the more important players in the global financial crisis. Is China going to drop the US dollar? What kind of alternatives the country has to invest its gargantuan trade deficit? Questions that get very seldom answers beyond the cliches of politicians, but do deserve a better insight in thise challenging times.
The China Speakers Bureau is happy to announce that Victor Shih has agreed to join its service. If you are interested in having Victor Shih as a speakers at your board meeting, conference of panel, do get in touch.

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