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Our January edition of the list of most-sought speakers at the China Speakers Bureau is covering much of the past holidays, so changes have been light, comparead to our December list. Highest newcomer was Kaiser Kuo, who raised quite a lot of interest with the tour of his band, reviving his name as a rock star. He also decided to leave advertisement company Ogilvy as their director digital strategy.
Since the holidays are over, our speakers have been hitting the mainstream media again in a huge way. William Overholt addressed the need for a global central bank to address future crisis. Charles McElwee looked at how the financial rescue package addressed the environment and Shaun Rein had a ten-piece report on Chinese companies going global.
More at our Speakers’ Corner.
We expect another slow-down as China will be on its Spring Festival holiday – a happy year of the ox, before I forget to mention that.
Now, our January top-10 list (December in brackets):

  1. Shaun Rein (1)
  2. Zhang Lijia (2)
  3. Victor Shih (4)
  4. William Bao Bean (3)
  5. Kaiser Kuo (-)
  6. William Overholt (7)
  7. Jeremy Goldkorn (-)
  8. Arthur Kroeber (5)
  9. Jasper Becker (10)
  10. Amy Sommers (-)
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