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As the shake out of industries takes place under the global financial crisis, internet companies in China are becoming more attractive for investments, says William Bao Bean of the SoftBank China & India Holdings (SBCI) to Interfax.
The market has been too expensive in the past few years, but now that is changing:

However, the price adjustment brought about by the global economic downturn will alter this, he said.

“It has taken longer for the global economic downturn to influence China than other countries. I think in the next three to five months, we’ll see some good investment opportunities as the market shakes out,” he said….

Gaming and e-commerce are the most promising online sectors for investment, according to Bean, because they do not rely so heavily on advertising as a source of revenue when compared with other Internet sectors.

William Bao Bean is also a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. When you need him at your conference. Do let us know.

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