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Celebrity author Zhang Lijia continues her road to world fame, as the 21th Century edition of Jung Chang, and will visit France and the Netherlands this autumn, she tells the China Beat. Her upbeat personal account of China’s recent history continues to gather pace, after she was already in December the first China author to conquer an audience in India. A Hebrew translation is next on the agenda.
Zhang Lijia in the China Beat:

I think the popularity of the book also reflects a rising interest in China. Many in the West also feel uncomfortable about China and China’s rapid rise. I get lots of questions along that line: what’s China’s future? Is China a threat to the world?

The best reaction I received was in India. I attended the Jaipur Literature Festival and toured the country a little. My publisher HarperCollins promoted me as the first Chinese writer to be published in India. The book, and myself indeed, received massive media attention – about 20 reviews and profile stories.

Zhang Lijia is also a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau and she contributed to an upcoming book “A Changing China” of the CSB. If you are interested in having her as a speaker, do get in touch.

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