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Much criticism is heard about how China is spending its 4 trillion Renminbi (430 billion euro) stimulus package against the economic crisis and especially private companies seem to be left out, says Arthur Kroeber in a wide range of US newspapers. 

“My suspicion is that the stimulus will basically benefit the state sector at the expense of the private sector,” said Arthur Kroeber, managing director of Dragonomics, an economic research firm in Beijing. 

Earlier, also assistant-professor Victor Shih dug up a document from the People’s Bank of China that suggested that not private companies, but state-owned construction companies were getting the bulk of the stimulus package.
Before that Shaun Rein pleaded for a US-style support for smaller private companies, that have been more efficient for job creation, compared to the corporate giants.

Arthur Kroeber, Victor Shih and Shaun Rein are all three speakers at the China Speakers Bureau . When you need them at your meeting or conference, do get in touch,

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