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Our speaker, assistant-professor Victor Shih will be debating coming Tuesday in Brussels with Levin Zhu, the CEO of the China International Capital Corporation (CIC) on the future of China. His session “Countering the global recessions. Is China an economic threat or a locomotive of growth” is part of a larger meeting of the “Friends of Europe”. From the announcement:

Europe and the United States have both complained of China’s runaway trade surpluses. But with worldwide recession looming, analysts point to the stimulatory impact that lower-cost Chinese manufactured goods have on the world economy, and particularly to the benefits gained by EU and U.S. high-tech and services companies. With some estimates suggesting that only 15% of added-value from its export industries stays inside China, how should we see China’s future role in the international economic order? And if – despite fresh efforts to relaunch the WTO’s Doha Round – protectionist pressures around Europe lead to new trade barriers might a less dynamic Chinese economy aggravate the worldwide slowdown?

After the meeting on Tuesday, more information.

Victor Shih is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau . When you are interested in having him as a speaker, do get in touch.

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