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How do I get into the picture? Every month after publishing our monthly top-10 most-sought speakers some of the few hundred who did not make it to the list wonder themselves what they can do to improve their ranking. There is only one advice we can give them: beat the drum. Make sure that people notice you. We as a speakers’ bureau can help the process in getting assignments and dealing with them, but we can only support professional speakers, we cannot make them.
That does not always mean you need to get into the mainstream media, as our fastest climber of this week Warren Liu at the 7th position shows. He wrote a bestselling book on KFC in China and that in itself can push a career. But getting into the mainstream media helps, as our number one Shaun Rein shows. He started this month a commentary in Forbes, after having been a regular contributer to CNBC and Business Week. Kaiser Kuo just checked in from a World Economic Forum activity in Seoul this week, while Zhang Lijia is preparing her next month’s trip to Europe to promote her book “Socialism is Great”. Paul French published this

month his new book on foreign correspondents in China.
Sam Flemming just arrived in London for a set of public engagements and Arthur Kroeber had some great contribution in his weblog at the Financial Times. See, that really helps. Then, the list for June 2009 (between bracket the rank for May.). More links to our speakers in the media, you find in our speakers corner.

  1. Shaun Rein (1)
  2. Kaiser Kuo (5)
  3. Zhang Lijia (2)
  4. William Bao Bean (6)
  5. Paul French (10)
  6. Arthur Kroeber (4)
  7. Warren Liu (-)
  8. Victor Shih (3)
  9. Sam Flemming (4)
  10. Janet Carmosky (-)
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