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Celebrity author Zhang Lijia is mostly based in Beijing, but this year she has a busy travelling schedule. After a trip to Switzerland (June 23-July 13), she will be visiting also the Netherlands, Belgium and London (19-25 July). In September, October and November she will be staying in the US to participate in an international writing program at the University of Iowa, funded by the US department of state, for a small selection of very promising authors.
Recently she has been interviewed for a BBC documentary that will be available soon.
Zhang Lijia organized in May 1989 as a worker demonstration in her city Nanjing, taught herself English, studied in the UK and is now fast becoming an established author. Her book “Socialism Is Great!”: A Worker’s Memoir of the New China is currently being translated in a wide range of languages.
Her longer stay in the US makes it easier for her American fans and readers to meet with her. If you are interested in inviting her, do get in touch with the China Speakers Bureau.

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