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When you are reading these words, two historical events might be over. First, and you might have noticed that one, is the first visit of US president Barack Obama to China. The second one, many of you might not have noticed, but Europe might have its first minister of foreign affairs.
While Europe getting its first president and formal representative in the rest of the world could have a been a watershed moment – and might actually be with hindsight – the 27 European member states have for the time being sought for not-so powerful representatives in Europe, that would not come in the way of the very divided policies of 27 member states.

How does our November list of most-sought speakers fit into those considerations? When you see who is actually leading the China debate, you see that our three top-speakers, Kaiser Kuo, Shaun Rein and William Overholt are all Americans. Actually six out of our top-10 have at least roots in the US, three are European and on South-African. Notably, also none of the top-10 is Chinese, but we will address that issue in a different article.
So, who better than Barack Obama can head our top-10? Despite all the talk about changing relations, the debate is still a very US-centered, and that is perhaps something the rest of the world, including Europe, should worry.

In our top-10 we note that Kaiser Kuo not only has kept the no.1 position over Shaun Rein, but done so with a huge margin. Kaiser Kuo has been giving a range of notable speeches, addressing the influence of the internet on the US-China relations, as we see in our speakers corner.

Our November top-10 (October in brackets)

  1. Kaiser Kuo (1)
  2. Shaun Rein (2)
  3. William Overholt (3)
    Rupert_in_actionOur famous speaker from Luxembourg by Fantake via Flickr
  4. Jasper Becker (-)
  5. Tom Doctoroff (6)
  6. Rupert Hoogewerf (9)
  7. Jeremy Goldkorn (8)
  8. William Bao Bean (7)
  9. Arthur Kroeber (-)
  10. Annette Nijs (4) 

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