79922819_stXsrMHY_DSC_1631William Bao Bean by Fantake via Flickr

Twitter is blocked in China and some suggest the US company might give it a try in the Middle Kingdom. But that has consequences, warns VC William Bao Bean from Shanghai in Media Asia. While the saga of Google in China is still unfolding, Twitter should know what it means to operate in China, says William.

According to William Bao Bean, partner at Softbank China & India Holdings, Twitter would be expected to start from the ground up in China in order to launch its operations, which means registering itself as a new entity and vow to adhere to censorship regulations, similar to a policy that Google China is trying to shed. 

“To launch a site in China, you have to conform to Chinese regulations, which means that you have to apply and receive an ICP licence,” he said.

That looks like a step too far for yet another US-based internet company.

William Bao Bean is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. When you need him at your conference, do get in touch.

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