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After more than a year of financial upheaval, China’s economy is turning back to normal, and the government is ready to deal with long-term issues, says economic analyst Arthur Kroeber. The Australian SMH investigated whether the climate for foreign companies is deteriorating, but Kroeber thinks the worst is over.

Some veteran analysts say the economic and political cycle is turning in China. Arthur Kroeber, a principal at the Beijing consultancy Dragonomics, says the ”liberal technocrats” who were forced to retreat after the global financial crisis were now back in demand. And he says the ”China hates foreigners story” was overdone in the first place…

”The global and the domestic economy have now stabilised and the government is freer to pay more attention to long-run structural issues,” says Kroeber of Dragonomics.

Arthur Kroeber is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. When you need him at your conference, do get in touch.

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