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Maria Korolov tells in our recently released book A Changing China about her experiences with Americans in Shanghai. One of many lessons learned shared by our speakers at the China Speakers Bureau.

It can sometimes be difficult for people who come to China to set aside their preconceptions and treat their Chinese colleagues as people who are, deep down, exactly the same as they are. I’ve had a couple of older American colleagues who insisted on explaining to my Chinese staff why the Chinese were different—and, by inference, not as good.

One writer who worked for me briefly insisted that my Chinese staff lacked critical thinking. “It’s a product of the educational system,” he explained. He, as an American, had critical thinking skills. He attempted to teach these skills to my staff, and I had to fire him. There’s no lack of critical thinking skills in China. At least, not that I’ve ever seen. What there is—at least in my office—is a lack of experience. This is a basic economic issue, not a cultural one.

More about her experiences in A Changing China.

Maria Korolov is COO at the China Speakers Bureau, and of course also a talented speakers. If you need her at your conference, do get in touch.

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