Grand GatewayShopping mall in Shanghai by Fantake via Flickr

Consumerism is on the rise in China, and the new consumers get their own temples too. But according to retail specialist Paul French, quoted in a good article in The Guardian, There is something wrong in the retail kingdom:

The retail market, meanwhile, is becoming less diverse the bigger it grows. Paul French, a Shanghai-based marketing consultant, says the problem is that the shopping malls designed to create the image of a good life do not reflect reality for most people: “They are building more and more malls filled with luxury brands. Like the power stations in Soviet-era Russia, they are being built not because of demand but because of prestige. Every official in China wants one to show their city is on the international map.”

Do you need to hear more from Paul French? He is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. Do let us know if you need him or other retail specialist.

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