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The year of the rabbit in nearing fast and it is a good moment to look back on how our speakers have been doing in popularity. So this month, in a deviation of our monthly practise, we composed a list of most-sought speakers for the whole year 2010.
Not surpringly for those who have followed our monthly proceedings, both Kaiser Kuo and Shaun Rein are leading the pack. Thousands have been looking at their profile as a speakers. Others are also doing well too, but their numbers are rather in the hundreds.
Kuo’s surprising career change, by becoming the spokesperson of one of China’s leading internet companies, Baidu, has made him the center piece of many China debates. And Shaun Rein is in our offers to clients always called the “most-quoted analyst on China”. Even we might be exaggerating the many talents of our speakers, in this case it is simply true. But do not count out our other speakers:

  1. Kaiser Kuo
  2. Shaun Rein
  3. Arthur Kroeber
  4. Paul French
  5. Tom Doctoroff
  6. William Overholt
  7. William Bao Bean
  8. Victor Shih
  9. Rupert Hoogewerf
  10. Wendell Minnick
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