Now a massive row of Chinese companies, including Alibaba, are preparing for IPO´s, both at home at abroad, insights in China´s financial industry are more important than ever,

The government wants to allow market forces to decide what financial direction the country is taking, and because more than even capital is owned by Chinese citizens, just looking at what the central government in Beijing is doing, is not longer good enough.Read More →

Innovation and China seemed have been at odds for a long time. But the country known for its copy-cats has made huge strides forward, and innovation has become a key feature in the country´s development. Not surprising, also speakers at the China Speakers Bureau reflect that important development.Read More →

If at any place the switch from brick-and-mortar is going fast, it is China. Permanent online consumers comment, exchange information, and buy 24/7. When you sit down in a restaurant, you first ask the code for the free wifi, before the menu. When you travel abroad, you constantly discuss with friends and family back how, what to buy, or what not to buy.Read More →

The China Speakers Bureau has over the past five years mostly focused on international clients, with a focus on often China-based but equally international speakers, mostly focusing on the China debate among an international audience. But China is changing fast, and coming months we are going to explore if the market is ready for us.Read More →

Some of our speakers are also prolific authors. Just over the past weeks, two potential bestsellers got published, and we expect a few later this year. Now, policies of both speakers and their publishers might vary, but when you hire one of our speakers you might be eligible for a book deal.
Some of our speakers see books as a support act for their speaking activities, and might actually bring their books for free. Others can get their books for a decent discount from their publishers, or offer a discount themselves, since they see their book also as a good way to promote themselves.Read More →

Two key criteria are key for our way of working. First, speakers need to be China experts. The China Speakers Bureau is a global agency organizing speakers who have a role in the China debate. Second, we need a solid digital footprint of speakers, illustrating their contributions to that debate. Quotes in mainstream media, weblogs, video´s and in general the ability to move the China debate.Read More →

Fons Tuinstra, the representative of the China Speakers Bureau in Europe, will be on a visit in China till January 11. He will be staying in Shanghai and has some possibilities to discuss possible business cooperation. He is available by email, WeChat, Google+, LinkedIn, facebook and twitter. He can also be reached by phone: +41796730885.Read More →

The year of the snake is nearing and we see activities from China dropping very fast: friends and family are clearly focusing on the upcoming Chinese New Year. We will just join them in relaxing a bit and wish all our readers, clients and speakers a very happy Chinese New Year.Read More →

Compared to the exciting times in China in May, June has been more back to basics in terms of news. Or is it a sign summer holidays are nearing? China does not honor the concept of a summer holiday, but traditionally we do see a drop in traffic during the summer, allowing us to have a break too.Read More →