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Our monthly listing of most-sought speakers has become a pretty stable one. In February we have one important newcomer, Helen Wang, who has been extremely active since her book The Chinese Dream: The Rise of the World’s Largest Middle Class and What It Means to You hit the shelves in December 2010.
Talks on US radio shows, presentations and a stream of publications have helped Helen Wang to make a difference en join our top-10 of most-sought speakers.
It might be our bias at the global offices of the Chinese Speakers Bureau, but our list does reflect the high profile speakers have in mainstream media and their sellling power as a speaker. At our Speakers’ Corner, you find our selection of our quoted speakers. Here you find our 2010 list of most-sought speakers.

Wang_Helen_HiRes_black_MG_1708Helen Wang

The February 2011 list of most-sought speakers

  1. Kaiser Kuo
  2. Shaun Rein
  3. William Overholt
  4. Arthur Kroeber
  5. Tom Doctoroff
  6. Helen Wang
  7. Wendell Minnick
  8. William Bao Bean
  9. Victor Shih
  10. Rupert Hoogewerf
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