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Kaiser Kuo, rock musician and spokesperson for China’s largest search engine Baidu sits down with Andy Atkins-Krueger of Search Engine Land to discuss six myths on Baidu, worth to dispel. Here, on Baidu’s relationship with the Chinese government.

Andy Atkins-Krueger:

Who owns Baidu? The Chinese government perhaps? And does the Chinese government make it so much easier for Baidu to succeed than Google?

It would be fair to say that Kaiser Kuo was particularly vexed on behalf of his company that people might genuinely believe the Chinese government was “tilting the field in favor of Baidu!”

He explains, “There’s no government shareholding, there are no communist party executives placed in charge of things here, no shadow board – Baidu operates fully at arms length from the Chinese government in just the same way as any typical western company would.”

He adds, “There are actually two state-owned search engines which compete with us – so we definitely aren’t getting special favors.”

More in Search Engine Land, on intellectual property rights, censorship and the company’s business practises.

Kaiser Kuo is also a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. Do you need him at your meeting or conference? Do get in touch.

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