Shaun Rein

The end of 2011 is nearing, a good time to see what stories from our speakers triggered off most interest in the past year. Since we have a look at the stats for a whole year, we miss a few recent stories that are making waves. For example, Tricia Wang’s story about her life as a street vendor has appealed to many who are in a Christmas mood.

But that is how it, and our top-5 stories make a good read too:

  1. Why fast foreign food wins in ChinaShaun Rein
  2. Needed: a China-first strategyShaun Rein
  3. Time for people-to-people relationships Kaiser Kuo
  4. Report: PLA’s A-team spies on the internetWendell Minnick
  5. How does Sina Weibo fits into China’s media landscape?Sam Flemming
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