Zhang Lijia

We decided to continue our top-5 most-read stories of the past month, this time for February 2012. For us it is a sign what kind of stories are most popular among our readers, and potential clients. Of course we skipped the January edition because of Chinese New Year. (The 2011 top-5 is here.)

Nice to see our speakers are so much on top of the recent, and existing developments in China. Our top-5:

  1. What makes Chinese millionaires different? – Rupert Hoogewerf
  2. Why the Chinese do no buy American stuff – Paul French
  3. Bo Xilai: still an open wound – Victor Shih
  4. Locusts and running dogs in Hong Kong – Zhang Lijia
  5. New, smart trends in raising children – Bill Dodson

Do not forget the most-anticipated story of March as Shaun Rein’s book The End of Cheap China: Economic and Cultural Trends that will Disrupt the World is now available at Amazon.

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