Kaiser Kuo

Internet search engine Baidu is now the most-wanted employer for graduates from Beijing’s top universities, writes their director communication Kaiser Kuo on their weblog Baidu Beat. Job search engine Zhaopin listed the internet company as the 2011 Best Employer.

Kaiser Kuo:

Five years ago, if you had asked graduates of China’s top schools, Peking University and Tsinghua, where they most wanted to work when they graduated, they would have answered with a major multinational—P&G, Microsoft, or what have you.

Things have changed. In 2011, Baidu—a Chinese company—tops the list, with 200 employees hired from those two schools, more than any other enterprise.

In a speech at Nankai University in Tianjin, Baidu CEO Robin Li summarized Baidu’s approach to talent thusly: We find the best people, we give them the most free personal space, we look at results, and the talent rises to the top…

In February of this year, Zhaopin’s released its “2011 Annual Best Employers Students Research Report,” Baidu was top rated by an overwhelming majority of college students most concerned about the employer. In this regard, the Zhaopin human resources experts said that, as high-tech company in the Internet space, Baidu has opened up a world-class platform, earned a reputation for respectable technical innovation in an atmosphere and corporate culture strongly suggestive of Silicon Valley: Baidu’s culture is based on “simplicity and reliability.” The company has a special appeal to college students eager to innovate.

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