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Of the plethora of China books only a few make it in the eyes of Chris Devonshire-Ellis of China Briefing. But Shaun Rein’s book The End of Cheap China: Economic and Cultural Trends that will Disrupt the World certainly made the grade, he writes.

China Briefing:

Unlike many of today’s China writers, Rein is the real deal. For a start, he set up and runs his own market research firm in China, and he lives in the country. Surprisingly few China commentators are actually based in China and even fewer face the responsibilities associated with running their own business. Rein does, and that marks his opinions out as possessing some merit. Forbes certainly thinks so – he has been a regular contributor to their online website for some time.

Rein’s thesis is that China is moving up the value chain and becoming wealthier, and he discusses the implications this has for global trade as well as the new opportunities and strategies that need to be deployed in China. His observations come from literally thousands of interviews he has conducted over the years with everyone from Chinese billionaires, factory workers, young mothers and even prostitutes, all sought out to extract some sense of China’s evolution: where it is headed and ultimately, what the modern Chinese consumer wants to buy and how they expect to be treated.

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