Paul French

Australia is one of the favorite destinations for 40 percent of the Chinese tourists, even beating France and the US. Retail analyst Paul French of Access Asia explains in InsideRetailing why.


“Australia has been growing in popularity for a number of reasons. It is under nine hours of flying time, so less than Europe. There are also an abundance of luxury brands, casinos are plentiful and visa procurement for Chinese visitors there is easier,” said Paul French, chief China market strategist at Mintel.

“Right now the vast bulk of Chinese tourists arriving in Australia are on group tours – low cost packages with the bulk of any profits remaining in China with the travel agents, meaning that it’s up to tourism service suppliers in Australia to extract the cash…

“The global spending power of Chinese consumers has become the stuff of new legend. Chinese travelling overseas to spend and ‘arbitrage’ purchases, particularly on items that attract high taxes at home such as luxury goods, has become a new theme of global retail and consumption,” added French.

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