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Chinese tourists love ancient towns, and so many municipalities build them, if they do not have them or destroyed them earlier. Author Zhang Lijia visited the newly built ancient town of Taierzhuang and loved it, she tells on her weblog.

Zhang Lijia:

Remarkably, many visitors seem to believe the ‘ancient’ tale. One lady we shared a boat ride with commented that the place was like a Chinese version of Venice. “How could have the building survived thousands of years in the water?”

Over all, I think the emergence of ‘ancient towns’ is a good thing. Tourists, many of them children, can at least learn a bit of their own history and cultural traditions. On the main street lined up with shops, you can buy characters like Monkey King made from syrup or flour, something I used to enjoy as a child but rarely see nowadays.

Indeed, I enjoyed the trip. We stayed at a hotel called Lotus Villa right by the water, behind a lotus pond. I have to say a


lot of things are done tastefully. Taierzhuang claims to be a good place to chase a dream. Well, you need to know how to dodge the tourist groups. One evening, we found a quiet bar on the water front. In the gentle breeze, we sipped tea on the balcony, looking out at the water in which the weeping willows trailed their green arms and the reflection of the red lanterns glowed. Slender-waisted girls ferried the tourists up and down the canal, entertaining them with sweet gentle songs. Momentarily, we did loose in a dream of some sort – until the karaoke singing pierced the air.

More on Zhang Lijia’s weblog.

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