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Business apps can companies help to increase productivity, if they are willing to introduce them. Ben Cavender, associate principal of the China Market Research Group (CMR) sees chances for users are high in Asia, he tells ZDNet.


Ben Cavender, associate principal at China Market Research Group (CMR), highlighted that enterprise versions of productivity apps will see more user adoption in Asia if they offer a cost-effective and “good enough” software solution.

“For companies that do not necessarily want to pay a premium for greater customization, this will be an attractive route”, he explained.

He said given that employees are already comfortable using consumer apps, companies in this region would potentially be more open to staff upgrading to enterprise versions.

The shift is not without drawbacks, though, the analyst cautioned. The so-called business version may not necessarily offer the level of security or integration enterprises need for them to be truly useful in company-wide setting, Cavendar said.

Compared to enterprise vendors, most consumer productivity apps also do not have a track record of established software suites designed for companies in mind, nor a level of after-sale support to help iron out any issues such as downtime, integration and customization, he added.

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