Zhang Lijia

What if you meet somebody who says he wants to end his life. Author Zhang Lijia recalls meeting a suicidal security guard at evening and writes a beautiful account of a sad love story on her weblog.

Zhang Lijia

One evening this summer, my Ayi (domestic helper) burst into the house with great excitement. “A man got himself drowned in the canal! The policemen have just fished his body out.” Shit! I said to myself, it must be that security guard Mr. Lu I had met the night before. He did it after all. “What kind of man, tall or short? Did you see?” I asked eagerly. My Ayi shook her head. “I tried to take a peek at the body but too many people are crowding around it.” I quickly dialed Lu’s number. When he answered it with his slightly hoarse voice, my heart that had leapt to the throat returned to its normal position.

More at Zhang Lijia’s weblog.

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