Shaun Rein

China is under attack in the weeks ahead of US presidential elections, yesterday as the US Congress panel released its report on telecommunication giants Huawei and ZTE. Business analyst Shaun Rein tells at The Takeaway is he concerned about the growing hysteria.

Shaun Rein:

“It’s important that people aren’t naive. There is increased tension between the United States and China, so people should be worried about security concerns,” Rein says. “However, the level of anti-China hysteria that’s emerging in the United States from both President Obama and Mitt Romney is something that all Americans need to be concerned about, because it’s going to cost jobs creation in the United States.”

Shaun Rein agrees with the Mayor of Toledo that the anti-China rhetoric is worrisome, especially as it escalates during the election season. “By causing them to think twice about investing in America, you definitely are losing thousands of American jobs.”

“We have to have a serious discussion,”  Rein says. “China does pose a threat, in some ways, but we can’t exaggerate it.”

More in The Takeaway.

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