Shaun Rein

Business analyst Shaun Rein shares his insights on doing business in China, with Nicholas McDonald. One example: why it is fine to yell at your American colleagues, but not at the Chinese staff.

Shaun Rein:

SR: How you have to motivate employees from different nationalities is different. Many of my American colleagues come from athletic backgrounds and they respond well when they are yelled at or pushed to work harder. You can’t do that with Chinese employees. If you yell at them they’ll quit right away.

Maturity levels are an issue as well, and one that I’m concerned about as the younger generation in China enters the workplace. I’ve hired people with great credentials only to see them fail to perform and quit after a short time with the company because they could not handle the pressure or even constructive criticism.

At CMR we’ve had French, Indian and American consultants as well… while there are some differences in working style, we generally make it work. One of the main things top Chinese recruits tell us why they chose us is because they like our diverse, international work atmosphere.

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