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Australia has been dropping on the list of favorite destinations for Chinese tourists, reports the Brisbane Times. China Rich list composer Rupert Hoogewerf explains why other destinations like the France, Singapore, Italy, the UK, the US and Switzerland are today doing better.

The Brisbane Times:

France, the US, Singapore, Switzerland, the UK and Italy are all ahead of Australia, which has dropped from third to seventh place, falling out of the top three where it had been for three years.

Hurun Report chairman Rupert Hoogewerf told Fairfax Media that Australia has done “amazingly well” for Chinese tourists but it is now being overtaken in the luxury field.

“Ten years ago it was the preferred destination for Chinese tourists, full stop. But what’s happened, as other countries have come up (such as the US and Switzerland), Australia has dropped down the list for luxury travel,” said the Shanghai-based Mr Hoogewerf.

“I don’t want to be slated by your tourist authorities, but my overall take is that I don’t think the Australian tourist industry in general has put much effort into the luxury consumer. I have not seen any events or media (advertising and marketing) from Australia that is targeting the luxury consumer. Basically they have coasted very nicely. That is my personal opinion. It may not mean things are not happening, but they are on such a low-key profile compared to Singapore, which is all over China and targeting the top end spenders.

“Australia has got the product, but they are shy to shout it from the rooftop.”

More in the Brisbane Times.

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