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Near Beijing China will set up a major commercial production hub for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s), defense analyst Wendell Minnick reports in Defense News.

Wendell Minnick:

China will establish a special industrial base for the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in Beijing’s southern Daxing District, reports Chinese-language media reports.

The base will be the first of its kind in China and will cover a total area of 134 hectors (14,400 sq. ft). It will be a “large-scaled whole-chain” UAV industrial base, according to “top management” of the China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics under the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the Beijing Daily said.

It will “integrate all links on the industrial chain”, including science and technology, manufacturing, test flights, marketing, after-sales services, and commercial applications.

According to media reports, the base’s estimated output is projected to be $1.6 billion by 2015, $4.8 billion by 2020, and $16.1 billion by 2025. Both the numbers and support (i.e., CAAA) suggests the base will be largely commercial.

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China Weekly Hangout

China’s media scene

How do China’s media work? The +China Weekly Hangout is going to focus Thursday 7 November on the case of journalist Chen Yongzhou, the reporter of the New Express in Guangdong, and try to figure out how media in China work. Chen got arrested for articles he wrote on the state-owned company Zoomlion, developed into a hero for press freedom. Until he apologized for getting paid for those articles. 
Two scenario’s are still possible: a hero or a cheater, or even more scenario’s. You can read or announcement hereor register her for the event. 

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Ambiguity is the word Beijing-based lawyer Gary Chodorow uses most when he talked at the China Weekly Hangout on September 12 about the new visas in China, officially in place since September 1. What to do with spouses, interns, people with F-visas and other visitors who are not allowed to work. Moderation by Fons Tuinstra of the China Speakers Bureau.

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