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Violence used by patients against doctors has hit the headlines a few times. Author Zhang Lijia can understand from her own experience how the culture of bribes drives patients to desperation, she tells in KTEP.


As a teenager in the 1980s, Lijia Zhang worked in a missile factory where the state provided all health care. The system was incredibly wasteful. Zhang, who wrote about her experiences in the memoir Socialism Is Great, recalls medicine was so plentiful, workers used to throw pills at each other for fun.

China shifted from a command economy to a more market-oriented one and turned hospitals into profit-driven ventures. A few years ago, Zhang says, an anesthesiologist shook her family down for bribes over surgery for a cousin, who was dying of leukemia.

“He demanded about $3,300,” Zhang recalls. “My cousin’s family was poor. We all had to chip in money. The reason we paid the money is we thought the operation was very dangerous. We thought if we didn’t pay, it may jeopardize the health of my cousin.”

After paying bribes, if a surgery goes badly, many patients are understandably enraged.

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