Xi Jinping and Annette Nijs
Xi Jinping and Annette Nijs

Annette Nijs, CEIBS Executive Director Global Initiative, was among the five presenters, was among five experts explaining president Xi Jinping at his visit at CEIBS how China can attract foreigners and innovation to the country.
From the China Daily:

When 53-year-old former Dutch Cabinet minister Annette Nijs presented her well-prepared talent-hunting strategy on Thursday, she had a special listener in Shanghai.
Nijs, the ex-minister for education, science and culture who is pursuing a new career in China, delivered the advice to President Xi Jinping.
Now the executive director of the China Europe International Business School, Nijs was one of 50 foreign experts from 22 countries invited by Xi to a meeting on China’s development and talent policy.
The meeting was high on Xi’s agenda after a busy five-day schedule for a regional security summit and a series of bilateral meetings.
Officials in charge of foreign talent issues said all 50 foreign experts work at Shanghai educational institutions and enterprises, and play a significant role in promoting development and breakthroughs in key projects and scientific research.

From the CEIBS press release:

Nijs spoke about different ways in which China can attract foreigners who can contribute to the country’s innovation. CEIBS, she said, is committed to playing a role in China’s innovation efforts, both here and abroad. In a presentation on “Bringing in overseas talents for building an innovation-oriented state”, she drew on her experience as a former Cabinet Minister for Education, Science and Culture in the Netherlands to offer suggestions on the way forward. Pointing out that top scientists and academics may not necessarily be the best innovators, she recommended targeting skilled and experienced innovators who can also be found among engineers, business leaders, serial entrepreneurs, etc. She also suggested soliciting solutions for innovation projects via the internet.

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