Ben Cavender
Ben Cavender

While the jury is still out on how well the iPhone6 will do on the market, and especially among the spoiled Chinese consumers, China´s export will certainly get a boost, thanks to Apple´s latest gadget, tells retail analyst Ben Cavender in CCTV.


BAML expects iPhone6 sales will add about one percent per month to the mainland’s export growth for the rest of 20-14 while Taiwan’s export growth could be bumped up by as much as two percent in August and September.

Ben Cavender of China Market Research Group agrees.

“We should see an extra percentage point of growth on top of export numbers through the rest of the year, simply because of the iPhone6 exports. China is, more than anything an assembler. So they’re assembling most probably 90-95% of the cost of the phone in terms of components of the phone they bring into the country. They’re then assembling, then exporting,” China Market Research Group Principal Benjamin Cavender said.

More on CCTV.

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