Kaiser Kuo
Kaiser Kuo

Corporations jump too easy on the latest social media hype, without knowing what they are talking about, argues Baidu´s director international communication Kaiser Kuo in the Holmes report.

The Holmes Report:

Baidu international communications director Kaiser Kuo thinks that brands should display more caution where social media is concerned, noting that their prolific efforts are rarely exciting enough to create genuine interest on Twitter or Weibo.  In this, Kuo also believes that brands underplay the community management aspect of the equation, which he thinks calls for a much more sophisticated understanding of brand, context and audience than is often currently demonstrated by many companies’ real time war rooms. “People often rush blindly onto the latest thing without a clear idea of what they expect to get out of it or what the risks are,” said Kuo. “They forget what actually motivates people to get on these social media sites. Nobody goes onto social media to heap or lavish praise on a brand.

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