Kaiser Kuo
Kaiser Kuo

Political relations between China and India are tense, and Indian internet users follow the issue closely. The opposite happens at the other side of the border, says Kaiser Kuo, director international communication of Baidu in the Beijing Review. “The sad truth is that most Chinese just don’t think that often about India.”

The Beijing Review:

Kaiser Kuo, International Communications Director at Baidu.com, the Chinese version of Google, said that while surfing Quora, an e-forum for bloggers and people seeking information on diverse subjects, he was struck by the barrage of queries, apparently from Indians, on China. It was in September 2014, almost four months after Modi had been sworn in and Xi had just paid a three-day official visit to India.

Kuo said he jotted down the queries by Indian users from September 22 and 25, finding that all 28 were about security. They wondered if the two nations could go to war again, who would win if that happened, and bilateral rivalry in other areas. However, there were no questions from Chinese surfers.

“Very few Chinese are aware of border issues,” Kuo told Beijing Review, referring to the territorial dispute in 1962. “Not many are aware of the territories in dispute. I would be hard-pressed to name even one area of Chinese concern about India except perhaps support for Tibet Autonomous Region and the so-called “government in exile” of the Dalai Lama in [India’s] Dharamshala. But that’s not an insurmountable problem. It’s a 50-year-old thing and not an issue now. The sad truth is that most Chinese just don’t think that often about India. It’s certainly not regarded as a threat.”

 More in the Beijing Review.

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