Rupert Hoogewerf
Rupert Hoogewerf

China´s counts 2.9 million buyers of luxury products, and most of them make already their purchasing decision before they leave home, says China Rich-List founder Rupert Hoogewerf, according to WARC. Online presence is key for luxury products.


However, while that may be widely understood by the industry, the key issue is how to recognise what influences them and to understand Chinese marketing tactics.

Hoogewerf said Chinese affluents are knowledgeable and take time to explore price comparison sites, but most importantly, a lot of their research and decision-making is made in China before they travel abroad to spend.

“If you just wait by your store for people to walk in, it will probably happen, but you will be missing a big opportunity. So what everyone should be doing is looking to influence the Chinese back in China,” he said.

But some brands are missing an opportunity, he continued, because they have held back from going right into China because it requires energy and resources to reach those consumers.

Those same luxury buyers are now travelling abroad in huge numbers – the total number of travellers outside of China is currently about 45m, he said, which rises to about 110m including Hong Kong and Taiwan.

“There is an impact to be had for sure,” he added. “[But] you need to know how to analyse the market so you are not wasting your dollars.”

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