Arthur Kroeber
Arthur Kroeber

Dust might have settled down on the recent surprise devaluation of the Yuan by the time President Xi Jinping will meet his counterpart in the US, says financial analyst Arthur Kroeber in Bloomberg. Relations with the IMF have been defining the moment for this long-expected move.


China has been seeking reserve status as part of a campaign to play a larger role in the postwar global economic order designed and dominated by the U.S. Membership of the reserve-currency club would be a crowning achievement after three decades of breakneck growth that saw the Chinese economy take its place as the world’s second-largest after the U.S.

The devaluation may ensure there’s enough time for the emotions to ebb before the Xi-Obama summit, said Arthur Kroeber, Beijing-based managing director at GaveKal Dragonomics, an independent global economic research firm.

“There is no good time to do these things; moreover, it seems clear in retrospect the PBOC did not anticipate the very negative market reaction,” he said. “Waiting until after the summit would have been far too late to build credibility with the IMF.”

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