You might not really be in the holiday mood already, but at the China Speakers Bureau, we are already walking into the limitations of a prolonged season of festivities. This week we ran into a few requests for speakers in December, and our advise was: don´t do it, but wait till 2017.

The Christmas season covers roughly the time between half December and the first week of January. And since Chinese New Year is already on January 28, with receptions and festivities started a few weeks ahead, our slow season might only end the second week of February.

What does that mean if you are organizing events (heaven forbid not during this holiday period) in the months after Chinese New Year? You should start booking your speakers already now. We still have more than a month to go to help you select the right speaker for your event, so we advise event organizers to get in touch before the holiday season start.

We need on average a lead time of three months to help you out (although we can do it faster), but that is certainly going to take longer in the holiday season.

Too early to wish you happy new year, but we did want to issue this advisory on time.

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