Christian Wulff

The former German president Christian Wulff has been wrongfully mentioned in an article of the Wirtschaftwoche as a speaker of the China Speakers Bureau. We noted the article in the magazine, but could not read it since it was behind a firewall for ad blockers, and thought diligent journalists would figure out this would be fake news.

We just received a call from the Deutsche Welle, a German radio station, and noted this story might be becoming bigger than we expected. So, for the record: we have never approached Christian Wulff or his people, nor did they reach out to us, as far as we can check. We never quoted a price, and but do think euro 65,000 is on the low end for a former German president.

We also did not list his picture on our website, and not only because that would not be a decent way to do without permission. The China Speakers Bureau organizes China experts for a mostly non-Chinese clientele, and despite his solid background, Mr. Wulff would not match our profile. We would have told him or his people this, if they had reached out to us.

Since we are now in the business of correcting fake news, the German magazine Focus made additional mistakes. The China Speakers Bureau is not part of the London Speakers Bureau, although we have occasionally worked with them. We do have offices in Europe and the US, but not in Qatar.

We noted Christian Wulff was listed at the London Speakers Bureau, but his profile page has now been removed.

We will not react on more fake news on our company, but are willing to take questions from journalists.

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