Matthew Brennan

Handing out hongbao’s when staff returns from Spring festival is one way how Chinese companies retain staff. WeChat expert Matthew Brennan joined Tencent’s CEO Tony Ma handing out hongbao’s last Friday in Shenzhen to some of this 43,000 employees, he reports on his LinkedIn page.

Matthew Brennan:

[Friday] saw one of #Tencent‘s most famous company traditions. Every year since the company was founded in 1999 the CEO Pony Ma and other managers have welcomed back staff to work after the Chinese New Year holiday by handing out red envelopes filled with cash to every member of staff.

Tencent now has over 43,000 staff some of which queued from 3 AM in the morning at the #Shenzhen HQ to be the first in line to pick up multiple red envelopes both physical and digital from management.

With such a company tradition is it any wonder that the #WeChat team was inspired to digitalize the red envelopes tradition which ended up being the key to making #WeChatPay such a huge success.

CEO Tony Ma handing out hongbao’s

More information (and very different opinions) at Matthew Brennan’s LinkedIn page.

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