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The proposal by President Xi Jinping to scrap the two-term limitation for his position as president has generated little opposition, not domestically or internationally. A logical step in moving to more stability, comments author Zhang Lijia “Socialism Is Great!”: A Worker’s Memoir of the New China at the Wikitribune. And nobody wants to tock the China boat.

The Wikitribune:

There’s little the West can do to stop China from instituting autocratic measures within the country, according to Lijia Zhang, a Beijing-based social commentator and author of “Socialism is Great!” A Worker’s Memoir of the New China. “I am not sure what other governments can do,” she told WikiTribune via email. “China is playing an increasingly important role in the world. People wouldn’t want to upset the regime, or deal with a huge chaotic country with 1.3 billion population.”…

The proposal comes at a point when the Chinese president “has amassed [a] huge amount of power since taking his position and become the most powerful leader after Chairman Mao,” says Zhang. “He feels that he needs to be in total charge in order to realize his vision: to fight corruption, reduce poverty, upgrading its economy, see through his ‘one belt, one road’ initiative and restore China’s former glory.”

More at the Wikitribune.

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