When Haier took over GE’s Appliances, US management feared the future. But the Chinese takeover is very different from the American style, they discovered. Western firms are victim of their traditional viewpoints, tells IMD-professor Bill Fischer, who studied Haier’s very different corporate style, to AP.Read More →

When Western companies discovered new management systems in Japan like Just-In-Time in the 1980s, they applied it fast,despite initial misgivings.But when they see now new ways of decentralizing corporate structures in Tencent and Haier, they are reluctant to take it serious, says Haier-watcher and IMD professor Bill Fischer at AP.Read More →

When China´s leading white goods producer Haier bought the appliances department of GE it caught the headlines. But the acquisition might not be as important as the underlying strategy to enter American homes, says IMD professor Bill Fischer, co-author of the book Reinventing Giants: How Chinese Global Competitor Haier Has Changed the Way Big Companies Transform to Bloomberg.Read More →

Haier is not only for years the largest white-good manufacturer, not only in China, but worldwide. IMD professor Bill Fischer explains how the first Chinese company to go global did so by unconditional focussing on their customers, in Strategy Business. How Haier reinvented itself four times in 30 years.Read More →

White goods producer Haier has an amazing story of change, where its CEO Zhang Ruimin reinvented the company, three times, tells IMD-professor Bill Fischer in CKGSB Knowledge. Fischer is co-author of Reinventing Giants: How Chinese Global Competitor Haier Has Changed the Way Big Companies Transform.Read More →

Among the Chinese companies becoming fast household names among global players, Haier was one of the first to enter the word arena. Haier´s CEO Zhang Ruimin has put his bets early on quality, explains IMD professor Bill Fischer in The Corner, and that explains why he is winning now.Read More →

Home appliances manufacturer Haier has become of of the leading forces in China’s drive for innovation, says IMD-professor Bill Fischer in the People’s Daily. “Reinventing Giants” is a recent book he co-authored focuses on Haier’s transformation process: the middle management is taken out.Read More →

Haier, China’s famous electronics firm who started already to go global in the 1990s, is “insanely curious”, tells IMD professor Bill Fischer in the Business Spectator. Fischer is the co-author of a new book on innovative strategies Reinventing Giants: How Chinese Global Competitor Haier Has Changed the Way Big Companies Transform.Read More →

The top-5 most-read stories for August 2012. And the background of our Weekly China Hangout, starting in September. The start of a TV show with China debates.Read More →

China’s innovating power is not really moving forward, tells IMD-professor and author Bill Fischer in the Shanghai Daily. “You need also the ability to commercialize ideas as well.” Bill Fischer:  My sense is that, if I was to do the ranking myself, what I would say is that China’s rankingRead More →

IMD-professor (and formet CEIBS dean) Bill Fischer wrote up on his weblogwhat makes him successful in executive education, answers on questions from CEIBS professor Ellie Weldon. “One of the few advantages that I have found to be associated with aging, however, is that sometimes people ask for your opinions, and then actually listen.”Read More →