Celebrity author Zhang Lijia went recently to her home town Nanjing and recalls the found memories of the place where her grandma used to live when she was alive. Her memories and a her eulogy to her grandma at Zhang Lijia’s weblog.Read More →

Officially corruption is not done, also in China. But a bit of corruption can be very useful, explains author Zhang Lijia on her weblog. For example, when you have to catch the train to Nanjing on 9 a.m. and you do not have the right ticket.Read More →

Zhang Lijia by Fantake via Flickr Celebrity author Zhang Lijia tells in Expressbuzz.com how her now famous book “Socialism is great” came into being. She was still a factory girl in a plant producing rockets: It was in the factory that she started to write. She also began to studyRead More →

Zhang Lijia is a writer, journalist, and social commentator. She is the author of the popular memoir “Socialism is Great!” She is currently working on a book on prostitution in China. She travels from Beijing.Read More →