With less than a week notice, a connection between Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges will give international investors access to Chinese shares. A game-changer, says Mark Austen of the Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association in a talk with WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu.Read More →

Finance and real estate produce most of the rich women in China, according tot the new 2014 Hurun China’s Women Rich List, with Yang Huiyan for the fourth time as number one. Women billionaires differ from the men in several ways, Hurun founder Rupert Hoogewerf told in WomenofChina.Read More →

After lengthy negotiations Alibaba picked the New York Stock Exchange for its listing, not a Chinese stock market, or even not Hong Kong. Financial analyst Sara Hsu still sees hope for the Chinese stock markets, she writes in TripleCrisis. China has to reform its exchanges, as a part of its financial reforms.Read More →

Shenzhen-based Mark Obama Ndesandjo, half-brother of US president Barack Obama, discusses in his book An Obama’s Journey: My Odyssey of Self-Discovery across Three Cultures their different perspectives of the Obama´s, his family and the relation with this half-brother. “Follow your own path is most important,” he tells in BroadSide.Read More →

Shenzhen-based Mark Obama Ndesandjo, half-brother of US president Barack Obama, published this week a new book, setting the stories of their family straight. Both brothers differ om many family matters, Ndesandjo told during a book launch of Cultures: My Odyssey of Self-Discovery this week in Guangzhou, according to the South China Morning Post.Read More →

Can Detroit learn from the way China pulled its economy out of misery, wonders lecturer Michael Justin Lee in ChinaUSFocus. “There actually was no great secret to the success of China’s SEZs. The government butts out to incent private capital in. That’s pretty much it.”Read More →

During a recent discussion with some children, I suggested a game. I proposed giving each of the 26 letters in the English alphabet a number: A is 1, B is 2, C is 3 and so forth. “Find me a word whose letters add up to 100,” I asked. “It has to do with dreams and success.”Read More →

Warren Buffett via Wikipedia Warren Buffett visited this week China’s electric car maker BYD in Shenzhen, where he invested 230 million US dollar to buy ten percent of the company. BYD stands for “Build Your Dream”, recalls Helen Wang on her weblog, one of many dreams in China. Helen Wang:Read More →